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Marnie Mcknight

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Marnie McKnight 

Marnie is an Irish born Sydney based artist. A well-timed trip by her parents saw her having an extra hand with the kids during the lockdown. Her passion for light and water saw her just going with the flow and seeing her commissions soar.


I have always followed a path of creative pursuits but recently returned to my first love, abstract painting, which taken off in a way I hadn’t expected and now my works hang in homes, hotels and galleries around the world. My paintings are often used in photoshoots for magazines and advertising campaigns in Australia which links in closely with my love of interior design and my desire to bring affordable, original art into every home.I love the freedom that abstract art gives me and I hope that my paintings evoke calming, yet positive responses. I am always exploring new mediums, textures and inspiration – I would be delighted for you to follow along.


Director & Editor