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Digby Webster

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Digby Webster

We see how Digby’s undaunted spirit is in every stroke of the pen and brush. He candidly informs us of how exploring his unique view of life through art help take his mind of his cancer treatment. Digby is a living insight into how art can connect us to the world around us and the simple joy of being who you are with no prejudgment. He is an Archibald Finalist 2020 with his joint work with Neil Tomkins ‘Earnest Brothers’.


Digby Webster is a Sydney-based visual artist with a career spanning 10 years.

Digby works across a range of disciplines. He is a founding member of the Ruckus Ensemble, a contemporary performance group who create large scale productions and has also been a production designer and performer on award-winning short films ‘‘The Interviewer’ and ‘Heartbreak and Beauty’ with Bus Stop Films.


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Loretta Farrell


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