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Amani Haydar

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Amani Haydar 

Amani is an artist and new author, landing a book deal in January 2020 for her family’s memoirs of the tragedy and violence towards women. Amani’s buoyant response to difficult times finds her creatively ebbing and flowing. From painting to screen printing to writing, Amani is a fantastic advocate for combating domestic violence and exploring the growth of an authentic Australian voice.


Amani Haydar is a self-taught artist, lawyer, mum and advocate for women working with mixed media from her home studio in Western Sydney Amani’s self-portrait, ‘Insert Headline Here’ was a finalist in the 2018 Archibald Prize and she was the winner of the 2019 Law Society of NSW Just Art Prize. With a focus on storytelling, Amani builds connections with her work and encourages others to engage in conversations about women’s rights, equality, trauma and identity. Her bright and vivid works often reference personal and political themes while celebrating hope and resilience.Amani is a contributing author in Arab Australian Other (Picador, 2019) and her writing and illustrations have also been featured on SBS Voices and ABC News Online.


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