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Mikey Freedom

Mikey was getting ready for the lockdown when he found himself having a brush with death in the form of cancer. His story is insight after joyful insight on recovering from cancer treatment mixed with a passion for creating with meaning. He pushed himself to push through a creative block and contemplates being ‘lucky’ to still be alive. 

He shares his journey of survival and recovery as a beautiful authentic Aussie.


 Artist. Born + 1971, Sydney – Australia. 1980s – 90’s tested. Wild Style. Al-naafiysh. 808. Writer. 2 x Tertiary certificated. Educated. Educator. 2000’s – wilderness Sojourn. Husband + Father. Multi-disciplined – Cutouts to Classicism. Exhibited. Love history, culture, jazz. A Love Supreme. Dino, Prima, Pasta, Pizza. Dreamer. Understands line. Understands risk. Improviser. Watcher, thinker, learner, solver. Campari, Gin, Vermouth. Vinyl selector. Euro cinephile. Art canon participator. Shape maker. Colourist. Refugee mentor. Thankful for Pittsburgh memory. Way of the open hand. Prognosticator. Fidem, Spem, Caritatem


Director & Editor


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Loretta Farrell

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Eunice Wong