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Carolyn Donovan

Carolyn Donovan is that unique soul who loves having people around her, heightening her creativity and enabling the delivery of her art form as a professional actor and fine artist. With her exhibition in the USA cancelled, her artworks line every wall in her house. Carolyn turns to Instagram to keep herself inspired and develop a community as she continues to paint in her home studio. The lockdown and self-filming changes how she sees herself and her need to portray having a perfect life, as she beings to understand that being authentic and showing her imperfections is more rewarding.


As an Australian born and bred artist and writer with an ethical approach to nature, a love for the ocean and the earth strongly resonates in my work.

I can’t really call myself self-taught because I grew up immersed in art – my uncle, landscape artist George Duncan, and aunt, Alison Rehfisch, were part of the bohemian Norman Lindsay pack and art tuition began for me at a very young age; it was no surprise to my family when I started sketching subjects at the age of two.

Choosing to work with highly tactile mediums on canvas and creating large scale pieces is my favourite way of painting.

My main influences are oceans, coastlines and the colours of Australia, as well as looking at life from above and being able to see everyday things from that perspective – it reminds me not to sweat the small stuff.


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