Catherine Stringer

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 Catherine’s love for the sea has dominated her unique art practice.

As for all, her residency is cancelled, and everything stops in the looming shadow of the lockdown. Tearing herself from the erratic noise of the times, she further develops and refines her art-making technique of seaweed paper found on her local Tasmanian beach. Which flows onto creating a 3D floating dress. She also reinvigorates her online presence and has her own online virtual gallery sale. Personifying her wisdom, her quiet diligence exudes vast wells of patience for trial and error as she presses on and avoids worrying about the cost, or where her creation will go.


Catherine Stringer is a Tasmanian artist whose work is imbued with her lifelong love of water and the sea.


Director & Editor

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Sound Design

Audrey Houssard

Colour Grade

Alan Green

Intern Assembly Editor

Music AP

Eunice Wong