"If you worry about what it's is going to cost, or where it's going, you will never create"
Catherine Stringer

Partner Organisations

We are looking to partner with organisations who aligned with our mission.

We want people to be inspired: go to a gallery, buy artwork, create art works, play an instrument and, in general seek freedom and peace of mind through creative expression.  

Funding Partners


We are looking for partners, sponsors, educators, organisations. to continue to create short form content that inspires,  further information about becoming a partner Connect us via our Social Media Channels or email.

Buy The Films

If you would like to use the films for educational or community events a small license fee will apply, which goes back to the cost of producing and releasing the films.

For Workplace Events and Partner packages for usages of the Films and extra social media content contact Loretta at +61 490 035 743 farrellnetwork@icloud.com