About Watcha Doin’ Today web series

Watcha Doin' Today follows artist while they self-filmed Covid- 19 during the pandemic Lockdown.
These short films capture history through the eyes of the artists.

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Our Story

“Watcha Doin’ Today” follows artists on their quest to find their way through turbulent times. Each artist was directed remotely by Loretta Farrell, while they self-filmed during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown March -June 2020.

In March 2020 independent filmmaker Loretta Farrell embarked on an experimental art focus documentary series. She was asking artists and creatives to capture how it felt to live through this time in history. 

Series 1 captures a moment in time through the eyes of Australian creatives each short profile between 7-9 mins long. The participants aged between 20 to 65, are artists, musicians, writers, creative teachers from all around Australia.  

FARRELL NETWORK created Watcha Doin' Today. After the production Loretta was working on shut down in March 2020 due to the pandemic she reached out to artist around the world to self-film their time in lockdown. She wanted to capture a time in history through the eyes of creatives.

Loretta Farrell

Director, Producer, Editor

“If you worrying about the cost, or where, it is going to go
or anything like that you will never create !”
Catherine Stinger
Tasmanian Artist


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Loretta Farrell


Dr Richard Fowler

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Teresia Werner


Eunice Wong