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Watcha Doin' Today

A short-form series of inspiring intimate stories that captures a moment in time through the eyes of a diverse group of artists who self-filmed during the lockdown March - June 2020.

‘WATCHA DOIN’ TODAY’ captures a moment in time through the eyes of creatives artists.

A series of inspiring, intimate stories from a diverse group of artists, capturing how creative expression can clear the mind, feed the soul and heal the heart. Each short profile is between 6-8 mins long, and the participants aged between 20-65 years old, are artists, musicians, writers, creative teachers from all around Australia and one from the UK.

Behind the scenes - Meet the filmmaker

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Artists, musicians, writers, creatives.

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“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all what the world needs most are dreamers that do".

Sarah Ban Breathnach WRITER

Independent filmmaking

Like many people around the world who freelance, Loretta’s contract was cancelled on the TV show she was working on.  With no idea how long the lockdown would last or when she would work again she decided… 

It was time to innovate and collaborate.

She never imagined, two of the artists would become finalists in The Archibald and Wynne prizes, held by Art Gallery NSW, let alone, over 20 people from around the world would respond and say yes to recording themselves for four months and collaborate in the filmmaking process.
Watcha Doin’ Today was as an outlet for creatives to be part of something bigger than their isolation allowed.  Artist submitted video via dropbox and where remotely directed and trained along the way. Due to social distancing restrictions, Loretta had never met many of them of participants before they started filming back in March 2020. These short films are very much a collaboration of the filmmaking process with each artist and the director Loretta.


Colour grade, sound design, sound mixer, web designer or artist.

If you would like to collaborate and gift your skills to polish the sound, colour or online of these films, please do get in touch. 

If you have skills in web design or an artist currently in lockdown,  please do connect so we can create and collaborate.

"If you worry about what it's is going to cost, or where it's going, 
you will never create"

Catherine Stringer Artist

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Independent Filmmaking is a nice way of saying Zero Budget. Your funds will help cover the cost of making the films. When the cost is covered this films will be made available FREE in Australia.

Until then you can Rent or Buy then films via Vimeo On Demand.

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One women
and her trusted sidekicks.

Loretta Farrell


A mother of 2, who has a need to create.
Dr Rich Fowler

Brains Trust

B.Mus.Ed., M.Mus.(Arts Careers & Education), Doctor of Musical Arts (Filmmaking & Music Composition)
Teresia Werner


Just observing a professional, like Loretta, in her element was truly inspiring.
Eunice Wong


An incredible experience to have a taste of the industry and grow practical skills.